WERC For Employers

Save Money, Increase Productivity, and Set Your Employees Up for Long-Term Success

The Workforce Employability Readiness Certificate (WERC) Program is designed to help you recruit and retain employees that are:

    • job-ready,
    • accountable,
    • motivated, and,
    • have the skills to succeed in your workplace.

As a progressive Island business, you are invited to partner with Workplace Learning PEI to provide your new and/or existing employees with training that will set them and your business up for success!

Why Should I Take Advantage of the WERC Program?

  • Less Turnover = Big Savings – By hiring WERC participants to fill new positions in your business, you’ll likely see a reduction in turnover, saving you the time and money that’s required to recruit new employees.
  • Confident & Capable Employees – WERC participants have the soft and hard skills to complete the job. Every single day you’ll reap the benefits of having accountable, motivated, and skilled employees.
  • Paid Training – WERC is a FREE training program. In fact, WPL will pay participants a stipend for the two weeks they spend in the classroom. You’ll get well-trained employees without having to spend any extra $$.
  • Skip the Paperwork – You may be able to access wage subsidies for your WERC employees during their 6-week OJT, but finding the time to fill out applications can be a challenge. No worries. the staff at WPL will work with you to identify potential subsidy programs and complete the paperwork on your behalf!
  • Establish Workplace Champions – WERC employers are required to designate one or more workplace champions to mentor their participants. Champions will receive coaching/mentoring training and be positioned to further develop the skills and abilities of their employees.
  • Higher Workplace Productivity – WERC participants have the skills needed to succeed in your workplace. This will ideally translate into higher productivity and increased profits for your business.
  • Lower Absenteeism – When employees don’t show up for work, it impacts your business significantly. WERC is designed to build motivation and accountability skills, so you can count on your WERC employees to show up for work, ready to do their job!
  • Less Time Supervising – New employees can often require a lot of supervision. That’s time and money you don’t have to spare. By the time your WERC employee(s) has completed their OJT, they’ll have the skills and self-direction to get work done with less supervision.

How is WERC Different Than Other Training Programs?

  • Designed to Meet the Needs of Island Employers – Workplace Learning PEI has surveyed Island employers, held focus groups, and talked with community/business organizations to identify the most in-demand soft and hard skills in the job market in 2021. Workplace Learning PEI has been and will continue to be very mindful of employers’ needs.
  • Focuses on Competency-Building and Soft Skills – The course focuses on developing the most essential soft skills and competencies for success in the workplace in 2021, based on input from Island employers. These include motivation, time management, stress management, accountability, and more.
  • All Courses Instructed By Certified Educators – The WERC program has been developed and will be delivered by experienced and caring educators. This is not always the case with skills-based training programs and is an important point of distinction for the WERC program. Workplace Learning PEI’s experienced educators have an in-depth knowledge of how to effectively connect with adult learners in the classroom and adapt to their individual learning needs.
  • Individual Skills Assessment & One-On-One Coaching – At the beginning of the WERC program, all participants go through a confidential skills assessment. Based on the results, a customized learning plan will be developed to ensure each participant’s unique needs are addressed throughout the program.
  • On-Site Training to Reinforce Classroom Learning – The WERC program includes a six-week work-integrated learning placement (similar to an OJT, but with additional learning opportunities). By combining classroom learning with workplace experience, the WERC program sets employees and employers up for success from day one.
  • Developed by Workplace Learning PEI – Workplace Learning PEI has been working with Island employers and workers for over 20 years. They have a proven track record of developing and delivering valuable training programs that directly support the HR needs of local companies and provide employees with in-demand skills to succeed in the workforce.

For additional information please call or email:

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Workplace Learning PEI
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Phone: 902-368-5734

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